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Optimize an Image for the Web

Photos taken with a digital camera are way too big to add to a website.  A couple of popular open-source image editors are:


Validate your HTML page

W3C’s free Markup Validation Service, available at:

will validate your HTML code and check for syntax errors. Invalid code may cause browsers to render the pages slower than otherwise.

HTML5 validator at:

and the HTML5 “lint” tool at:

and t

First Class in Web Design

I’ve used a computer for 20 years, but never took a class explaining how it all works.  I’m looking forwarding to learning the basics of web designing.  My goal is to learn how to use this knowledge to pursue a career in Graphic Art Design.

I’ll be sharing here what I learn.

I currently have a blog on BlogSpot for my designs, so I thought I’d create one of this class on WordPress and see which one I like the most.  I’ve had some trouble with BlogSpot for the last several months.  Hoping WordPress will be more user friendly.